Why “Internet Fast Lanes” are B.S.: Users Create Traffic, Not Content Providers

300px-NetNeutrality_logo.svgIn the current Net Neutrality debate, cable companies and internet service providers are claiming that they deserve more money from Netflix and YouTube and other content providers because they supposedly “create” the most traffic on their networks.  But that is simply not true.

Do you know who really creates the most traffic on the internet?  The end users requesting content and visiting websites.

Think about it.  Netflix and YouTube only send you content if you visit their website or use their app.  They are not creating the traffic at all.

The cable companies and ISPs want you to forget one small detail.  That their customers have already paid for access to these websites with their monthly internet bill; and the content providers have already paid for their connection through their web hosting companies.

The internet connections are already paid for!

What the cable companies and ISPs want is to be able to charge their customers for internet access, and then charge Netflix an extra fee if they want the home user to see Netflix without buffering.  Meanwhile, content they provide, like NBC for instance, streams to their customers at the fastest possible rate.

So basically, cable companies and ISPs get to bill twice for the same connection, and give preferred treatment to content they own and content wealthy companies can pay to boost.

So when they try to justify charging Netflix more since they “create” a lot of traffic, that is just a mind trick to get you to go along with their plans to double bill.

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