Why should I vote for president if I don’t live in a swing state?

us-capitol-government-buildingThere are several reasons why you should vote:

  1. There are local officials being elected in the same election, and these officials affect you as much, if not more than the President would. You might not be able to get the President you want, but maybe you can get the Governor, Mayor or Sheriff you want.
  2. Even if your candidate doesn’t win the election, political parties note who is voting and who is not voting, and tailor their political platforms to win votes in the next election.
  3. The more people who turn out, the closer the election will be, and the more the parties have to pay attention to your state in the future.
  4. If you are voting third party or independent, you can use your vote as a protest vote, which would signal to the major parties that they need to change their platforms or lose voters in the future.

In a two party system, the two parties only remain major parties if they can attract and retain a wide range of voters. It may not seem like it, but the parties do listen to voters and see what demographics are voting, and why they are voting the way they are.

Basically, if you don’t vote, your opinions and preferences aren’t calculated into their political platforms, and you lose your voice.

Voting isn’t just for the current election. It sends a message of what they need to work on in future elections.

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