Tips for Marketing a Content Website

ID-10073067Here are some things you can do to help market a content website:

  1. Have great content.  Nothing keeps people coming back for more than great content.  Also, search engines love updated and new content.
  2. Social Media Presence.  Set up social media pages for your website, especially Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and if possible, set up your website to automatically post to each of them every time you add content.  Set up additional social networks based on where your audience would be hanging out.
  3. Social Media Sharing.  Make it easy for people to share your content, and they will, if it is good content.  Let your visitors promote you.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are a must at the very least.
  4. StumbleUpon.  Join StumbleUpon and make it easy for users to submit your site.  If your website gets lots of thumbs up, you can receive a nice traffic flow.
  5. Set up Google Authorship.  If your content is written by individual authors, set up Google Authorship giving them credit for their work (or credit for your work).  Authors with a good reputation for good content will give a boost to search engine rankings.
  6. Excellent Branding & Web Design.  Marketing isn’t just about getting the word out.  It is also about how you look to visitors.  Your website must look appealing and look like something with authority.  A memorable brand also helps people remember you by name.  The website design should have SEO features built into it (like using proper HTML so search engines know what they are reading).
  7. Excellent Navigation.  Google (and perhaps others), track the bounce rate on your website.  The more people stick around on your website, the more Google suspects that your site may be valuable.  (The logic being that if everyone is leaving immediately, then something is wrong.)  This also helps you become a useful destination, and not just some random article they found via Google.
  8. YouTube Videos.  If you have videos, consider posting them on YouTube and then embedding them into your website.  You get additional exposure that way.
  9. Build a Mailing List.  Your own email newsletter or announcement list can be an excellent source of traffic, and often will contain your most loyal readers.  People are still addicted to email.  Even the social networks email people to bring them back to the social media site.  You should use email to bring people back to your site.

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  1. With all the changes Google is making, hopefully we will see a shift away from SEO techniques and towards creating great content. I agree that Google Authorship is a must in the new world of content marketing.

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